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Nabezo Premium
In Japan.
In 1992, the first Mo-Mo-Paradise Restaurant opened in Kabuki-cho, Tokyo. Now, including “Mo-Mo-Paradise”, and “Nabezo”, both are “all you can eat” restaurants, there are 30 Shabu-Shabu/Sukiyaki Specialty Restaurants in Tokyo.

In Asia.
From 2003, Mo-Mo-Paradise Restaurant started its expansion in Asian countries. Now, there are 20 Shabu-Shabu/Sukiyaki Specialty Restaurants in 4 countries, Thailand (Bangkok),Taiwan (Taipei,Taichung), China(Shanghai) and Vietnam (Ho Chi  Minh City).

The “NABEZO Premium” stands on top of Mo-Mo-Paradise and Nabezo, and it is the best quality brand for Shabu-Shabu/ Sukiyaki Specialty Restaurant. The “Oumi Beef” , one of the top 3 beef brands in Japan, the “Hokkaido King Crab”, the top brand crab, will be served at NABEZO Premium. Yes, the “Best Quality” and “Real Japanese Brand” Shabu-Shabu will be delivered to you.
Mo-Mo-Paradise, Nabezo and NABEZO Premium

Chief Chef
Takeshi Yoshida